Sustainability represents our commitment to responsible actions and clear objectives across three key areas:​

People and Society: We recognise our responsibilities towards our employees, their families, and the broader community. Equality of opportunity, safe and productive working conditions, and fairness and integrity define our relationships.

Ecology and Environmental Impact: We aim to advance carbon management across our value chain and support our clients in developing low-ecological footprint products within an affordable cost framework. We utilise sustainable, recyclable materials and renewable energy, leveraging our unique industry database to offer low-carbon product solutions.

Economic and Technological Development: As a tech company, we plan our activities with a long-term perspective, prioritising stability and enhancing community vitality over unchecked growth. Our innovation strength is the foundation of our technological leadership, as we seek sustainable solutions to societal progress and regulatory changes.

Our areas of action:​

People and Society:

  • We have zero tolerance for discrimination, sexual harassment, child labour, and forced labour.

  • We ensure the safety of our employees at work by reducing work-related risks through training and specific measures.

  • We offer sustainability training for employees, clients, and universities.

  • We engage with societal feedback and provide solutions to societal issues.

Ecology and Environmental Impact:

  • We reduce CO2e emissions by improving office energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources.

  • We conserve water and minimise wastewater.

  • We assist clients in enhancing product circularity, increasing material recovery and reuse opportunities.

  • We support environmental protection and ethical supply chain management.

Economic and Technological Development: 

  • We promote efficient circular economy practices in client design, including substitution, saving, reuse, and recycling.

  • We offer solutions to reduce carbon emissions across the entire value chain.

  • We advocate for the recycling and reusing client products, aiming for a closed-loop system whereas many end-of-life products as possible are reutilised.

Our commitment to these areas drives our actions, ensuring we play our part in addressing our planet’s and society’s urgent needs.