Circular Design Certificate

dc is an independent design standard and we are working closely with designers, manufacturers, industry associations and universities to become a Carbon Accreditation Scheme. Our design certificate provides a Lifecycle Assessment of the product ‘type’ and is awarded to manufacturers that comply with the dc design standard.

  • Carbon Efficiency rating and benchmarking
  • Carbon footprint assessment and benchmarking (GHG)
  • Circuital design assessment and benchmarking
  • Environmental impact assessment and benchmark
  • Energy efficiency assessment and benchmark (UKCA, CE Directives)
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How do I get a circular design certificate?

Footprint Estimate Example Completed
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Carbon Footprint Estimates. These simple page declarations are used for early stage reporting. They take about 5 minutes to complete.


dc members database of recommended suppliers. This online directory allows designers to find products and materials to improve circularity and reduce carbon.


The final stage is submitting all documentation and requirements for third party review and dc certification.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss then book on to a call and we can walk you through the process.
All you need is the material details and weights.